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Hi guys I have several dbsk,exo, shinee and beast rare official merchandise for sale! If interested please email at : sumysum17@hotmail.com

Tvxq xiah artwork tshirt
Tvxq Micky yoochun artwork tshirt
Tvxq yunho artwork tshirt
Tvxq changmin artwork tshirt
Tvxq jaejoong artwork tshirt

Tvxq jaejoong o concert shirt
Tvxq yunho o concert shirt
Tvxq xiah o concert shirt
Tvxq changmin o concert
Tvxq Micky yoochun o concert

Tvxq 2008 mirotic Shanghai tshirt
Tvxq s cube figurine(extremely rare)
And maybe the tvxq omotesando figurines(very rare)


Shinee 1st world concert official jonghyun tshirt(rare)

Taemin genie AR postcard

Beast/b2st official b2uty fanclub tshirt with their printed signatures


Genie AR postcard: kai, sehun, chanyeol, kris and suho

Exo k 1st high cut magazine

exo k rcy magazine

exo mama version B: kai, sehun, suho, d.o, chanyeol, baekhyun, luhan, kris,lay,chen,xiumin and tao
Hi guys I have a lot of doujinshis for sale. Some of them are from houseki hime which is extremely rare, rom-13, ciel, and other random ones haha. If interested please email me at sumysum17@hotmail.com or message me here for pictures and prices.

Heres the link to show you what Ive got for sale at the moment

Just copy and paste it and you will see it thanks

Selling someof the stuff I own!

I have big bang uniqlo tshirts and hoodies for sale

Big bang BSX hoodie

Girls generation beyond 9 hoodie(used)

I also have houseki hime doujinshis for sale too!

Looking for:

dbsk/tohoshinki: omotesando figures
concert towels and tshirts

If interested please email at: sumysum17@hotmail.com

Having a clear out!!!!

IMG_2780IMG_2778Hey guys Im clearing out some stuff I have! Im selling:

- Big bang uniqlo hoodies 45usd (S,M,L,XL)

- Big bang uniqlo tshirts 30 usd (S,M,L)

- Big bang BSx hoodie 80usd (this one is really rare)(L)

- shinee 1st world concert replica tshirts 45usd (M/L)

- Beyond 9 navy blue hoodie 70 usd ( rare item)(S/M)

If you are interested in any of these items, please email me at:
sumysum17@hotmail.com for details and I can send you pictures of it

$65 (USD)

It is new with tags and I only have 1 available left in Large. Also I only accept paypal methods.
Please email me if interested sumysum17@hotmail.com
I only accept payment through paypal as it is the most secure and efficient way of paying! Furthermore once you buy the product there is no return policy, please bare that in mind!

Postage and packaging cost 10 usd worldwide

Zoro x Sanji doujinshi

Shali- Circle ICHIOKU
Kalifa x Sanji

Limited express for Paradise

Cordon Bleu Cookery

One is a Mercy, And The Others is a Greed

JackKnife- Rabi x Allen